Salut! 👋

My name's Matt Ronchetto (I go by ドアマット, doamatto, or maatt on the Internet) and I'm a high school student and an open-source developer/designer with a passion for making accessible, ethical software.

I spend most of my free time listening to music or focusing on studies to land a spot at a nice uni, ideally in the Pacific/Mountain region. When I'm not doing either, chances are I'm either on campus doing life or programming
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I'm a peer tutor at my high school, specialising in English and History, with plans to expand into first-year Physics. I also help run the audio and visual works for assemblies and other school events, as well as document it for the school's internal news network.
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Outside of my technical hobbies, I've found love in reading books and watching tele series. Some of my favourites are 1984 by George Orwell, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson, and Ted Lasso. I also enjoy watching Formula races and playing story-rich games: Necrobarista, the Life is Strange and Portal series being my favourites. I am starting to learn my third language, Chinese; my first two being French and English.

This website

This site was designed to work great with screen readers and have a minimum of WCAG AA contrast. Both of these aid me personally, and only made sense to be requirements for any changes to this site. I had originally planned to redo this site with my own site generator, but decided to keep with Zola for a bit longer. It fits the needs of this site pretty well.


I've messed around with software and programming for around 7 years or so; dabbling in tons of languages. I focus a lot of my work in Golang or JavaScript: be it in the browser or the Node engine. I'm curently learning Java and Swift, with plans to learn MATLAB. Anything I make that's public is likely on GitHub.